New Features

Local network test:  When an internet connection failure occurs, the connection to your gateway/router on your local network is tested separately. The main display and the log show whether the failure is on your local network or with your ISP.

Reusable license: Register your license key on any computer at any time.  No need to uninstall or unregister. Previous installations will return to Trial mode.

Add Yes/No confirmation to program close.  Prevents accidental close.

Program starts in same location and Status Only/Full Form state that it closed.

Main Form Redesign

Check or X indicates internet connection and local network status

Info grouped for easier reading.

Alternate space saving display – status only.

Buttons switch full display and compact display.

Log Improvements

Viewer opens to log end, i.e. most recent entry.

Includes settings on startup and setting changes during operation.

  1. Start time of the monitoring.

  2. Target servers

  3. Settings for Wait for Ping, Test Interval, and Log Failure

  4. Connection failure is recorded with the start time and length

  5. Router test response on connection failure. “LAN OK – #.#.#.# responded in # ms” or “LAN Failed – No router response”. #.#.#.# is router’s IP address.

  6. Note of settings changes during operation.

  7. Buttons to jump to beginning or end of log.

  8. Log file location and name shown in Log Viewer.

When log closes, summary in the saved file shows the total monitoring time, failure count, total down time, percentage of down time, and the minimum, maximum, and average failure lengths.

Improved Reliability and Performance

Better detection of network reconnection after failure.

Replace OpenDNS with Cloudflare as third default target server.

Improve editing of target servers.  Changes are logged and take immediate effect.

Reduce number of external DLLs.

Eliminate separate license file.

Displays correctly at increased screen scaling.