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Use Net Uptime Monitor to help diagnose Internet problems
“Something was amiss with either my router, my modem, or my ISP. This kind of thing can be really frustrating, to say nothing of difficult to diagnose. If I call (my ISP), they’ll run their usual battery of tests, then tell me they can’t find anything wrong.  One tool that might help: Net Uptime Monitor.  True to its name, this utility helps you track when your connection is up—and, more importantly, when it’s down.”  – PC World review by Rick Broida (Read full review)

4.5/5 Stars
“Find out whether you are getting the Internet connection you are paying for and determine whether it is reliable using this straightforward tool.” – Softpedia review by Alexandra Sava (Read full review)

Here’s what our customers say…

I just wanted to say thank you!   This is by far the best investment I ever made.
We were struggling with our internet connection, and we had spent many hours with our internet providers in a futile finger-pointing exercise arguing whether it was the internet connection or it was our routers and our equipment inside the house.   Once I showed up at the service provider’s office with a multiple-page NetUpTime Report showing a huge number of failures over a 40-hour period, they finally paid attention.   It took over a month to get it fixed, but they finally upgraded all of their equipment and re-ran the lines to our house.  Last night, I re-ran the report – No Failures!!!!
Thank you so much for a great product at a great price! – Maria by email


“Get your internet company to take you seriously! …” – Elizabeth on Facebook


“A very good program that gets right to the point of checking for internet availability, and if there are any outages on your internet line it logs the outages, easy to use – Highly recommend this software!” – Tom on Facebook


“The telephone wires for phone and internet coming from the last remaining telegraph pole, into our old house in the Swiss countryside are nearly 80 years old and in terrible condition. This fantastic little program will help me convince (internet provider) that they should come round and replace the wires. It showed me 18 dropouts today, each lasting 4-6 minutes. This program is worth its electronic weight in gold and is well worth the purchase. Thank you for developing it.” – Dane by email


“Great product, really helped me go back to my ISP with some hard evidence when they kept on telling me there was nothing wrong!” – Andy by email


“Simple but exactly what I wanted – keeps a log of drop-outs that one can send to IS” – Peter on Facebook


“Anyone whose work depends on having a reliable internet connection NEEDS this program. Net Uptime Monitor is well designed – running flawlessly in the background and consuming negligible computer resources. It provides great options for customization but I find it works great “straight out of the box” with the default settings. Add in the great customer support and it becomes obvious that $10 is a small price to pay for round the clock peace of mind regarding your internet connection.” – Sidney on Facebook


“Just wanted to thank you.  I have been arguing with my Landline/Broadband provider about the appalling reliability of the service they provide me.
Your product removed all doubt. In the first 20 hours of operation it recorded 84 event ranging from just under a minute to almost 14 minutes.” – Brian by email


“Great tool. Service is outstanding.” – Frank on Facebook


“NUM has saved me countless hours arguing with (ISP name). Two tech visits, 15 calls, Twitter chats and they still did not believe our internet went down every day for minutes to hours at a stretch. Then I installed NUM and printed a log of all the down times! Priceless! Thanks for giving us a way to prove we are not imagining our connectivity problem!” – Diane on Facebook


“I love this program!!! It has helped me prove to (my ISP) that they are having connection problems. Even one of their technicians wanted to see what I was running that gave me such detailed info on outages.” – Don by email


“This rocks! A great way to see when my internet fails and also to document it to my ISP!” – Mike on Facebook


“Thank you – Thank you – Thank You! Had problems for 3 months. Was ready for a new computer. You saved me $800 and my sanity. You should raise the price too. It is worth it.” – Bob by email


“LOVE this program and their awesome support! I’m a network consultant who is recommending this to all of my clients…” – Jim on Facebook


“I love your product for its part in furthering the conversation with my ISP, and it was instrumental in getting past (my ISP)’s gatekeeper-like customer service reps, and on to the actual engineers who could help.” – Kevin by email


“I used your Program to convince my ISP that they had a problem on their end. … The $9.95 I spent was well worth it to prove I had a problem.” – Paul by email


“Your Net Uptime Monitor program is absolutely excellent!!! I was looking for a program that would not only notify me when my Internet connection was lost but also when my Internet connection was reconnected. I can’t think of a single thing I would recommend adding or changing… its PERFECT just the way it is!!!” – Ken by email