We only ask for your name and email address when you purchase a license so that we can send you your license and email you about updates to the program or new versions.  We will NOT share your name or email address with any third party at any time.

The program only communicates with the outside world to verify your license code with our server and to send the connection test ping requests to the specified test servers.  No personal information or data is ever transmitted by Net Uptime Monitor.


Your information is safe when you type it into the payment form.  The information you enter is encrypted before it leaves your computer and decrypted only when it reaches our server.  No one can read the information you’re sending to us.

Our site uses a security certificate issued by the Internet Security Research Group.  In your browser, you will see a padlock icon in the address bar when you are visiting our site.  That’s your assurance that communication with the site is securely encrypted by TLS (Transport Layer Security).  

Credit Card Payments

We do NOT keep your credit card information.  It is NOT recorded by us or saved by us at any time. When you make a purchase, the credit card information you enter on our form is encrypted and transferred electronically to our payment processor,  Stripe sends us an approval code and we send you your license.  Learn about Stripe’s security at  See who else uses Stripe at

We cannot access your credit card number, expiration date, or security code from Stripe at any time.

PayPal Payments

We do NOT keep your credit card information.  It is NOT recorded by us or saved by us at any time.  When paying through PayPal, you are transferred to a payment form/process hosted by PayPal on their servers.  PayPal handles all the security and is not receiving your credit card info.  PayPal notifies us of your payment and we send you your license.