12/5/2021 Version 2.0.24

  • Allow main form resizing.  Addresses problems with scaling on some systems where display scale is greater than 100%.
  • Resize form to display just Status, Status and Ping tests, Status and Results, or all info.  See Details section on Display Size Options.
  • Save setting of compact and full form size on any resize.
  • Added date to “Last Fail Started” on main form.

9/2/2021 Version 2.0

8/9/2017  Version 1.9.3

  • Set position of “Log Note” window to overlap with Log window.
  • Add scroll bar to Settings form.
  • On License Info form, add Copy License Key to clipboard.
  • Restore minimized log window when clicking on View Log.
  • Remove minimize and maximize from Settings and Server Settings forms.
  • The installer automatically replaces the older version; no need to uninstall first.
  • Fix version 1.9.2 installer that failed on 32 bit OS.

7/21/2017  Version 1.9.2

  • Registering license once enables full program for all user accounts on the computer.
  • License now uses hardware ID.  This prevents license problems when reinstalling or updating Windows.
  • License registration now works for Windows XP.

10/2/2015  Version 1.9.1

  • Fixed issue that caused a small number of installations to lose their license registration when internet connection was changed.
  • Added “Print This Form” to License Info screen.

9/15/2015  Version 1.9

  • New Log File Option: Save all logs in one file.
  • New Log Failure Summary:  Includes failure count, total failure time, percentage of failure time vs. monitored time; minimum, maximum,  and average failure lengths.
  • Log View window is now re-sizable.
  • Log View window closes automatically when main form is minimized.
  • New shorter license codes.
  • New program icon.

10/17/2014  Version 1.8.3

  • Fix Help button on Settings form; wrong RTF file caused -not found- error.
  • Digitally signed executable files to confirm the identity of the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted.

2/26/2014  Version 1.8.1

  • Simplified licensing system; only the license code is needed for registration.
  • Fix -Start Minimized- option not working when  -Start with Windows-  option is true and license is registered
  • Change initial position of Log viewer to overlap main form, same as Help and Settings

2/22/2014      Version 1.8

  • New User Settings:
    • Option to start minimized in the tray
    • Option to start with windows
    • Option to not pop up on connection failure
  • Add Note button on Log viewer allows manually adding a note to log
  • Added minimum delay of 0.5 seconds between tests, better controlling operation during a connection failure
  • Return to full test interval on any successful server response. Previously the program tested more quickly after a failure until all servers responded.

1/28/2013      Version 1.7

  • Localize Date/Time formats: All displays and logging now use the date/time format set in Windows.
  • User selected Failure Alert and Reconnect sound files

11/1/2012      Version 1.6

  • Improved reliability of logging
    – Separated logging of failure start and failure end.
    – Start time of a failure is logged immediately on passing of minimum failure length.
    – Duration of failure is logged when connection is restored or when program closes.
  • Eliminated delay in program shut down.
  • Reduced minimum Test Interval to 1 second and minimum Ping Response Wait Time to 100 ms. Allows logging failures of 2 seconds or less.

8/1/2012         Version 1.5

  • Added user settings to change target servers.
  • Live update of failure list displayed while viewing log.
  • Log an ongoing failure when program closes.
  • Added exception handling to fix logging stopping after an unknown Ping error.

9/20/2011      Initial Release